Posted by Cherie Warber on Jun 13, 2020


Dear Volunteers,

What a ride! It has been quite a month since Bizarre Bazaar reopened, and we have surpassed all expectations. Diane and I are so thankful for those of you willing and able to help in making it happen.

There have been many inquiries as to when we will be going back to the normal two three-hour shifts. Whereas we are still somewhat “playing it by ear”, the current plan is to continue with the abbreviated one four-hour shift. We currently do not have enough volunteers and team leaders to consistently staff two daily shifts. We have found that one shift staffed with 5-6 volunteers is more effective in keeping the donations under control and the floor full than two shifts with 2-3 people. Four hours sounds like a long time, but it seems to fly by with all the activities. Please feel free to take a break, and please feel free to split your shift with someone if four hours is too much for you. Additionally, summer is the most difficult time to fill two shifts when you are all enjoying the outdoors or your company.

As I mentioned in my previous e-mail, the donations just keep on coming! Since room, storage areas and hangers are at a premium, here are a few tips to help with your sanity.
  • Only summer clothes are to go out. If it is something that could be worn in the fall, put it aside. We have 4 months of summer clothes to get out in two months.
  • Pant hangers are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Please hang only summer skirts, pants, shorts, skorts and crops. All other skirts, pants and jeans need to be folded for the time being.
  • Be RUTHLESS! If it is faded, saggy, out of style, spotted (etc.), please pass it on. We have so much to choose from. And please do not be offended if I pass on something you saved. There are just some items that do not sell well, and we need the space and hangers for those wonderful, sale-able things.
  • Shoes and sandals must look new. No scuffs, toe marks, worn heels. Pumps, square toes, pointy toes, clunky shoes do not sell, especially in the summer.
  • We currently have three racks of summer clothes to be pressed and priced instead of the usual two. (And summer clothes do need pressing!)
  • For you busy pricers, the “Temporary” pricing list will be continued through summer. Please read carefully! We recently had to re-price several shorts that used the book as a guide.
  • For all other items, make sure they are clean, and they work. Since we are almost out of furniture, we do not have as many display areas available and are somewhat limited in what we can put out. Please do not overcrowd a tabletop or shelf. Try to create a “story” with your displays with like things together. Customers prefer to see new items each week, instead of everything at the same time. This is your time to be creative!
  • Diane asks that if you decide to lunch at the shop to please throw any leftover food or food related trash into the dumpster. The trash cans do not always get dumped at the end of the day and food starts to smell. She thanks you.
  • We now have a “laundry” lady! Karen Wallis’ mom, Virginia Rowley is a new member and has taken on the job of keeping those laundry bins under control. While she is good, she still cannot get the pills out of knits, wash dry clean only items, or make something past its prime look new. Think about what you toss in the laundry and let us make her job a little easier.

Who we are desperately in need of is a cleaning person. If you know of anyone, please let Diane or Cherie know. The job entails vacuuming the sales floor and the loft twice a week, dusting the stairs and cleaning both bathrooms. Meanwhile, cleaning is up to all of us, so please pick up litter on the floor, wipe the bathroom sink out after you use it and grab a vacuum occasionally. We thank you and the customers thank you.

Please take a few minutes to sign up for the rest of June. We need you!

June calendar is available online now!

>>>> Online sign up <<<<

We are excited to be open once again, seeing both our wonderful volunteers and our loyal (and new!) customers. We hope that soon we will see more CAL members be able to take that big step out of the Great Isolation and join us in creating the magic of Bizarre Bazaar.

In great anticipation of seeing you once again,
Diane and Cherie