Posted by Cherie Warber on Apr 17, 2021



Dear Volunteers,

How wonderful to see so many ladies at the Spring luncheon this week! Linda Zinn and her team did a fantastic job and it looked like everyone had a great time.

As we get more into this season, our customers are thinking Spring as well. They are clearing the racks and shelves of anything that looks like Spring. And therein lies a teensy problem. One customer commented recently that Bizarre Bazaar was looking a little thin on product. She is right. We need ALL kinds of items. We especially need housewares, linens, jewelry and décor. We know you step up when we ask for donations and thank you for your response. But we are asking again. The best Upscale Resale store in town needs upscale items to resell. Hit up your friends, family and neighbors. Think of it as a grand treasure hunt.
There have been queries of whether we will ever get back to our old schedule of two three-hour shifts and being open 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. At this time, we are concerned that we do not have sufficient woman power to have six volunteers a day. (We feel we need three people a shift minimum.) Currently, our Team Leaders are frequently making up for the lack of bodies by not only working more than two shifts a month, but also coming in on their off days. Please consider giving Bizarre Bazaar a few hours of your time. We would love to see you! (Remember, you can always commit to less than the four-hour shift if necessary.) 

A few notes:
  • All items need to be priced (with the exceptions of small picture frames and items from the book area).
  • The Garden Center is coming May 3rd! I took a peek and there are some awesome items. Many thanks to Judy Dabrowski and her team.
  • Dust! The glass shelves, display cases and clothing rounders need a little TLC.
  • Leave winter behind. That means winter wear, décor items, etc. (Found a Christmas candle on the floor this week.)
  • Leather purses should be at least $10.00, depending on size, label and quality.
  • All purses should be stuffed before placing on the floor. (The little air-filled plastic pillows are great for this.)
Look for the new Jewelry sign on the column above the jewelry department, courtesy of Ms. Barbee Buchanan.
And don't forget to volunteer! We have a lot of open shifts for volunteers.

April, May & June Volunteer calendars are available online now!

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Despite a few comments about the floor looking empty, we still get a lot of positive comments about how great Bizarre Bazaar looks. Nice job, ladies and Robert. It is because of YOU that Bizarre Bazaar thrives, with your hard work and dedication. Thank you.
In great appreciation for you and for all you do!
Diane and Cherie