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Dear Volunteers,
President Toni Sommer requested that Board members do a little intro “about us, our role on the board and how members might participate in our area during the 2021-2022 year.”

We are Diane Arrants and Cherie Warber and are co-managers of Bizarre Bazaar. If you have volunteered at the shop, you know who we are.

The participation we ask from you during the coming year is to VOLUNTEER AT BIZARRE BAZAAR in some capacity.

Volunteers, we need you! We are very much in need of those who like to sort and those who like to iron or steam. We just can not keep up with all the incredible donations pouring in from the community and from you.
 ** Reminders **
Because we are receiving so many donations, we ask members who do bring in items to be respectful of the sorters and bring in things that are:
  • Clean
  • In Good Repair
  • Are items we can sell in our “Upscale” store
​​​​​Also, because we are again short staffed, schedule a little time when you bring in a donation to put the items in the area they will be sorted such as clothing on the sorting table, books and linens in the appropriate places and household items on the table under the mirror. “Dump and runs” are hard on the few sorters we do have. And when you bring in only usable items, it is not as burdensome on our “pass-on angels” – those who haul off the unsaleable things.
Books! We need mystery/thriller and general fiction books.
As you know, we have been in-between cleaners, and we thank those ladies who have taken time to vacuum the sales floor in the morning (a BIG thank you to Donna Hutter!). If you do use the vacuum, please make sure you dump the canister (preferably either in a plastic bag or in the dumpster, not in the trash) each time it is used. It was packed over the max line the last time I tried to use it and it took me 20 minutes to unclog it.
Eek! The end-of-day envelope has been short a couple of times. All ended well when Diane figured out that some of you have pried up the coin till to stick large bills under it. Please use the far-left bill compartment for large bills and checks. Either the bills get forgotten or they can jam the till drawer.
And one quick word about hangers. The set hanger (which looks like a top hanger and skirt hanger combined) is for suits, sets and some specialty hanging, not for pants or skirts. Lately, we have had to rehang several pants or skirts due to this confusion.
A blast from the past! We are re-incorporating the paper sign-up calendar. That does not mean the on-line calendar is going away (the preferred method); we are just giving you another way to sign up. Please include your last name and an e-mail address on either calendar. You will be hearing more soon from Robbie Gleason, our new volunteer coordinator!
September, October & November Volunteer calendars are available online now!

>>>> Online sign up <<<<
We thank each of every one of you who share your time with us. As John Heywood said, “many hands make light work.” At Bizarre Bazaar, many hands also make work fun!
See you soon.
In great appreciation for you and for all you do!
Diane and Cherie