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Dear Volunteers,
Christmas is almost upon us, and we still have quite a bit of lovely Christmas décor – at half price no less!
It is a great place to shop so come in and tell family and friends about our fabulous deals.
Many thanks for your patience to those of you who interact with our Square point-of-sale system. Due to the transfer of “ownership” of accounts, we experienced several glitches. Fortunately, most of them seem to have been resolved and the last one concerning the printer will hopefully be taken care of this week. Going forward, Rose Anne Wheatley no longer needs the-end-of-day report, but she points out that it imperative that the CORRECT DATE is on the end-of-day envelope. Team Leaders, that is your responsibility, so please ensure your cashiers are aware of the change.
FLASH! Do you just love posting on Facebook? Do you love spreading positive fun stuff? Would you like to do some advertising about Bizarre Bazaar? Karen Hanna is looking for a great fellow poster to join her on the administrative team for Bizarre Bazaar’s public Facebook page; writing, photo and Facebook skills are needed. We need TWO administrators, if you are interested, please contact Karen at 206-979-2446 or at
 ** Reminders **
We will be coming into the “Winter Countdown” when we look closely at what winter clothing items we have and how to make them last until the end of February. For that reason, please only put out what is on the “press and price” rack and refrain from opening tubs of stored sweaters. There really is a system, believe it or not, and the sweaters need to be doled out every week to ensure we have lovely new merchandise to excite our customers. Our line-up for merchandise starting in January will include work out attire, vintage hats, purses and hat boxes, furry vests and lovely cashmere sweaters.
BOOKS! We need books! Mystery, thriller and general fiction are our best sellers, and we are very low.
JEWELRY ladies have asked me to send along a caution. At the end of the day, one of them always makes sure that the drawers and sliding doors are tightly shut. However, on occasion, when one of them comes in for the morning, they find some of the doors open. There is no need for anyone to be coming in after-hours and rummaging through the jewelry.

December & January Volunteer calendars are available online now!

>>>> Online sign up <<<<
We are still experiencing an incredible amount of donations. As busy as we have been, it has been difficult on certain days to deal with the incoming treasures and, sad to say, the piles sometimes get rolled over to the next day. We really need 3 to 4 people for each shift to just “take care of business” so we encourage you to sign up and come enjoy the camaraderie of fellow CAL ladies. You will have a good time and we will enjoy seeing you.

You can sign up on-line or if you have difficulty with that contact your Volunteer Coordinator, Robbie Gleason, at either 208-627-2983 or There is also a paper calendar near the pricing station at Bizarre Bazaar.
You have been absolutely amazing these last few weeks, for which I am so very grateful. Thank you so very much.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas
A very happy and healthy New Year!
In great appreciation for you and for all you do!