Posted by Cherie Warber on Nov 19, 2022


Happy Thanksgiving dear Volunteers,
The year 2022 is almost over and, despite the mind shattering things happening in our country and around the world, we have so many things to be thankful for:
Thanks for living in beautiful North Idaho and Sandpoint.
Thanks for having roofs over our heads, warmth in the winter and food on our tables.
Thanks for being around lovely friends and family who share love and caring and not hate and violence.
Thanks for being part of the community of CAL and being able to share our largesse with the community of Bonner County.
Thanks for the people who donate to Bizarre Bazaar and for those who shop with us.
And, so importantly, thanks for you, the volunteers, who are responsible for all the good things that happen at Bizarre Bazaar.

November has been such a busy month for us. We started with a fun day of decorating and sharing time with so many CAL members at our annual Bizarre Bazaar Christmas Decorating Party. You really did turn Bizarre Bazaar into a magical Christmas wonderland! Too bad the day after had such dreadful weather. Never-the-less, our stalwart regulars did show up to shop and just wander around in our warm, cozy little shop.
The following Friday was our present for you, celebrating your contributions with the After Hours Party with food, drink, music and visiting with each other. Many thanks to Marilyn Haddad for sharing her delightful husband, Dave and his amazing musical skills for the evening as well as her voice as she joined in with him.
And the donations keep on coming and the customers keep on shopping. So yes, we do need your able hands to help. Moving over 5,000 pieces of merchandise out the door as well as moving more incoming items, then moving all of them to storage or cleaning, pressing, pricing and out onto the floor takes many willing hands.
We still can use more seasonal items vis-à-vis household goods, linens, jewelry, crafts, and winter clothing (men’s, women’s, children's) such as sweaters, coats and jackets. We need to keep the floor full of beautiful merchandise!
Upcoming store closures for this month:
  • Thursday, November 24
  • Friday, November 25

November & December Volunteer calendars are available online now! 

>>>> Online sign up <<<<
You can sign up on-line or if you have difficulty with that contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Robbie Gleason, at either 208-627-2983 or There is also a paper calendar near the pricing station at Bizarre Bazaar.
We hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, whether you spend it with family or friends. Stay safe and warm!
We so very much appreciate what you do for us!

Cherie Warber, Bobbie Franklin & Donna Hutter