Posted by Cherie Warber on Jan 21, 2023


Dear Volunteers,
Happy New Year! How very nice 2023 has started out milder and with a lot less snow! Though we are still mushing through the left-over berms, here is hoping there will not be a load added to it.
It cannot be stressed how important it is to be vigilant outside Bizarre Bazaar. There is the squishy, melting snow, there are still some icy patches, there are various unnamed lakes scattered around and the high jump from the public parking lot onto our driveway. Added to that is the frustration that there are fewer parking places available in public parking. What can a girl (or guy) do? Be careful! We do have ice melt at each door and there is sand in the great green bucket by the back door if needed.
We are in the typical January throes. Some days are ho-hum and some are crazy and it is hard to predict which way each day may be. Customers are going through post-holiday withdrawals and we are limited in winter back stock. Next week, for our markdown period, we will be putting out our very last box of winter sweaters. After that, we will be greeting early Spring. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and not hit us with another arctic blast.
February is the month for romance and hotter colors (thank you Hallmark!). You will see reds, pinks, purples, whites, creams, blacks, and greys. There is already lovely evening attire out for Bonner General’s Heart Ball (February 4th, and more dresses in the back room). Do not miss the hot display of enticing lingerie. And we will once again be opening the Bridal Shop in the nook behind the stairs. So, you see, there will be a lot to do in February and we need you.
Many thanks to volunteers who have been doing organizing and cleaning projects around the shop. It looks great!
Just a few notes:
  • A reminder to those taking advantage of the table in the Clubhouse. Please enjoy your snacks, lunch and relaxation, but please also clean up after yourself. After scrubbing down the table one Friday afternoon, we came in on Monday and there were napkins, plastic ware, bits of discarded candy wrappers and crumbs on the table.
  • There have been some glitches with Square and debit cards. Hopefully, the problem is fixed, but if you need help, please let one of your managers know.
We had a very good year in 2022 – all of which could not have been done without you. Moving forward for 2023, we are looking for new ideas and suggestions for further marketing and promotional ideas. Any suggestions you might have would be welcome! For March, which is National Women’s Month, we are planning some special things to honor women.
It is hard to pick a special volunteer since you are all incredibly special. However, this month we would like to extend our great appreciation to the husbands and sons who pitch in and add their unique expertise to projects around Bizarre Bazaar. So, thank you to Tom Zinn (Linda), Shaun Conner (Lori), Kevin Wilson (Beth Drain), Steve Franklin (Bobbie), Jeff Novotny (Stephanie) and Tom Dabrowski (Judy). Without you men, where would we be?
And where would we be without all of you? Thank you very much for all you do to make Bizarre Bazaar so great. We think 2023 will be an exceptionally good year!

January & February Volunteer calendars are available online now! 

>>>> Online sign up <<<<
You can sign up on-line or if you have difficulty with that contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Robbie Gleason, at either 208-627-2983 or There is also a paper calendar near the pricing station at Bizarre Bazaar.
In appreciation for all you do!

Cherie Warber, Bobbie Franklin & Donna Hutter