Posted by Cherie Warber on May 20, 2023


Dear Volunteers,
Lost in the 50’s is traditionally the unofficial start of the tourist season in Sandpoint, and this weekend they have not disappointed! Quite a few visitors have stopped by as well as our loyal regulars and have kept us quite busy.
A lot of things going on to share with you —
Our day before Mother’s Day flower give-away to our women customers was quite a success. We wanted these ladies to feel so incredibly special.
The lovely Spring Tea and Fashion Show was very nicely done and enjoyable. I had no idea we had that many incredible outfits hiding in the back room!
Thursday was our very first “Late Day,” with Bizarre Bazaar open until 5:00 p.m. Many thanks to Cindy Vogel, Jan Harrison, Sally Sonnichsen and Rose Edwards for making it happen. We had about 8-10 visitors, which was respectable for the first time. As word gets out, I am sure more people will stop in.
We are now in the coffee business. Thanks to Donna Hutter, who arranged it, we have received a very generous donation of fresh roasted coffee beans (from a local roaster not to be named!) to sell. Half pound bags are being sold for $2.50 and are going like hot cakes. We need to weigh and bag the beans, so if you have some time, we would appreciate the help. There is an icon for coffee sales on Square.
Now for some “asks” -
  • Any purses sold with a Boutique tag should be rung up under Boutique.
  • Please take time during your shift to tidy up all clothing racks, shelves, etc., and try to fill in where necessary. We are selling things faster than we can restock. (What a terrible situation.... 😁.) A neat and tidy floor is much more appealing.
  • And by being on the floor, we can discourage anyone who might have “light fingers”.
  • It is almost summer. Please be mindful of what goes out on the floor. This week we pulled wool dresses, skirts and some winter like items. Phew...who wants to wear wool in 80-degree heat?

Judy Dabrowski, Dixie Stansell and Rose Chaney and their team of helpers out did themselves this year with a beautiful and successful Garden Center. It is amazing what they found to display. Their hard work paid off, with delighted customers and strong sales. The first day they sold 248 items! Thank you, ladies, for all your incredible organizing and work to create this masterpiece.
Important Message
One of our landladies has been haunting the shop this last week, organizing contractors, etc. to do some repair work on the building, including the roof, garage doors on the loading dock and repainting. One comment she has made to me several times is that our area resembles a fire trap, and it might be necessary to have a fire inspection.

With that in mind, your management team respectfully requests that you carefully police your work areas and keep them neat. That means no “stuffing” of bags in weird places, dumping of boxes, hodge podge piles of stuff.... you get the drift. Remember that an extension cord plugged into another extension cord is a fire hazard.

We all have a lot of tidying up to do, but if we work together, it will be easy. If you do not know where something goes, ask a manager or the Team Lead! The worst offenders are paper and plastic bags dropped on the floor or stuffed into corners. Bobbie is making a valiant effort to keep the cardboard boxes tamed, so please help her by stacking them carefully and neatly.

May, June & July Volunteer calendars are available online now! 

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*** Scheduling Alert ***

The Volunteer Calendar can now accommodate Shift 3 (3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.) 

for each Thursday of the Month 
& will be on the schedule until the end of the extra shift in September
You can sign up on-line or if you have difficulty with that contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Robbie Gleason, at either 208-627-2983 or There is also a paper calendar near the pricing station at Bizarre Bazaar.
Your management team appreciates the time you dedicate to Bizarre Bazaar and for your hard work. Thank you all for being part of the magic. 
In appreciation for all you do!

Cherie Warber, Bobbie Franklin & Donna Hutter