Posted by Cherie Warber on Aug 19, 2023


Dear Volunteers,
What a ride July was, breaking all records. And August is shaping up to be a great month as well. The word is out that Bizarre Bazaar is THE happening place! We are positive that (wink, wink) you are ready to volunteer and join in the excitement of helping us attain our mission of supporting the County with our yearly grants and scholarships.
The donations, as well, just keep pouring in the back door. Folks are still cleaning out and downsizing – our sorters are piling through the incoming treasures as fast as they can. We are hearing from our donors that they admire what we do for the community and want to support us. Big thanks to all our donors!in us. We really do have quite a bit of fun with each other and with our customers!
Check it out in this week’s Reader – an article, with a picture of our lovely Sherry Fulton and Cindy Vogel packing up donations from Bizarre Bazaar to send to Maui. Thank you, ladies, for caring and taking time to think of those in a terrible situation. If you missed it - the article and photo is in Publicity Chair Donna Hutter's article in this week’s Bulletin.
Next week we will start rolling out (yikes) Early Fall items. I know, I know, it is hard to even contemplate the coming season when it is over 100 outside. Rest assured that the sweaters and long johns are still safely tucked away in the back room, and we are focusing more on a color change than layering folks up. That being said, starting next week we will not be putting out any more shorts, crops and easy breezy summery things. (Of course, it helps that we are out of shorts, crops and easy breezy summery things). Please keep on wearing your summer things and do not bring them in as a donation. We just do not have the room.
Thursday, September 7th will be our last “Late Thursday”. We tried a little experiment this summer to see how successful the extra two hours would be and are happy with the results. Many thanks to our core crew of volunteers and to the Thursday Team Leaders for making it happen.
A couple of changes:
  • The check-out counter quite frequently is heaped with items customers are gathering and occasionally these items get mixed between the piles. A suggestion is to put a post-it or a slip of paper on each pile, so it is easier to figure what goes to which customer. We have cleaned off the top of the counter to give cashiers more room to pile up the treasures.
  • A tub has been placed under the counter for volunteers who are doing a little shopping of their own. If you put what you would like to purchase under the counter (with your name), a little more space will be freed up for customers.
  • We also cannot stress enough that customers need to rely on themselves or friends to help load and unload furniture and heavy boxes. We are constantly putting ourselves in danger of injury by trying to help. I know it is hard to admit that I am not as strong as before and have a bad back.... many of you have “issues” as well. Work smart and safe and let our customers load up their purchases.
A few reminders:
  • Please do not leave open food packets (or crumbs) on the clubhouse table. We have mice, but we do not need to feed them. If you want one cracker out of a snack pack, take the pack. No one else is going to eat out of that open pack.
  • As Paul Newman states on his Caesar Dressing label “Brutus, don’t dilute us!”. No need to water down the hand soap in the bathroom as we have plenty of refills in the cabinet over the toilet. Diluted soap is yucky.

  • It takes just a couple of seconds to figure out which tub the hangers go in. A few hasty individuals are just dumping all hangers in the set hanger tub and making more work for others. The tubs are labeled...easy peasy to figure out which one to use.

August, September & October Volunteer calendars
are available online now! 

>>>> Online sign up <<<<

*** Scheduling Alert ***

September 7 will be the last
Thursday, Shift 3 (3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.) 

Bizarre Bazaar will be closed on
Monday, September 4th 
Enjoy the day off.

You can sign up on-line or if you have difficulty with that contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Robbie Gleason, at either 208-627-2983 or 
There is also a paper calendar near the pricing station at Bizarre Bazaar.
And kudos to ALL our volunteers who have worked this summer to make it the most profitable and fun summer ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the greatest!
In appreciation for all you do!

Cherie Warber, Bobbie Franklin & Donna Hutter