Posted by Cherie Warber on Jun 22, 2024


Dear Volunteers,
It was a grand day last week for Grants and Scholarships. Ladies and Steve, this is what we as volunteers work for during the entire year -- the privilege of giving back to Bonner County by way of our grant and scholarship programs. Thanks to all of you who were able to help at Bizarre Bazaar or in whatever way you could to make this happen.
Our summer tourists are arriving in droves, and we have been busy at Bizarre Bazaar. We certainly need help to take care of our lovely customers, to sort through the bags and boxes of donations, and to get these same donations out on the floor. We realize that this is also the time when we each entertain family and friends, but our little shop still needs staffing and your help. It is especially important this summer as some of our regular volunteers are also helping at the new location, painting, and spiffing up the place.
By the way, do not forget to mention to our customers that we will be in business at our current location until late August and still need donations, especially Housewares, Décor, and Jewelry.
The News
  • Ironers and Steamers are in great demand as we roll out the soft summer cottons and linens. Maxine Haun outdid herself this last week, coming in three days in a row to iron and steam so we could fill the floor after markdowns. Do you like to iron?
  • We have also been fortunate enough to be adding new members to our retinue monthly. If you end up working with one of these lovely ladies, introduce yourselves, help them get “get the hang” of things with suggestions and welcome them into our group.
  • If there are questions that you are unsure of, the Team Leader is there to help.
  • There has been confusion about the Houseware Department and the pre-pricing of items. Barbara Pardee and her team are doing a marvelous job of organizing housewares. Their pre-pricing does not preclude others from pricing when items arrive. It is just to clean and price things so when a spot opens out on the floor, all one has to do is get something to fill in, without having to do research. If you do need to price something, please research the item before pricing and placing on the sales floor.
  • Purses are one of our most commonly “lifted” items. We have instituted a new procedure. We have new white tags with a reinforced hole and are using a plastic attachment, similar to a zip tie. As before, continue to write the label name on the tag or, if there is no label, use a slash. Do not forget to “stuff” the bags, preferably with the packing pillows, to make the bag look full. Do your research! We are getting a much higher caliber of bags and need to price accordingly. Unless it is a wallet or wristlet, no leather bag should go out for less than $10.00. We are currently selling higher end bags for $40-$65 or more.
Kudos to all our volunteers!

This summer will be challenging for all of us - keeping the current store stocked, working on the new location, then moving and stocking the NEW location.

You are doing an incredible job keeping Bizarre Bazaar an Upscale Resale establishment. Customers, new and returning, continue to comment on our ambience, our merchandise and on YOU for the wonderful job you do. Thank you!

June, July & August Volunteer Calendars
are available online now! 

>>>> Online sign up <<<<

You can sign up on-line or if you have difficulty with that contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Robbie Gleason,
at either 
208-627-2983 or
There is also a paper calendar near the pricing station at Bizarre Bazaar.

Finally, and most importantly, have fun with each other. Working at Bizarre Bazaar is a social time. Enjoy it!
In appreciation for all you do!

Cherie Warber, Carol Visger, Donna Hutter, Ann Nichols