Dear Volunteers,

After a week of glorious sunshine, it appears that Mother Nature is back with a vengeance. Walking the dogs this morning was quite the adventure with soft snow floating up over my boot tops. Many of us are ready for spring, but the reality is we still have a few more weeks to go with winter.

Speaking of which, we are almost out of winter clothes and, sad to say, there are no more smalls in sweaters. It will take about two more weeks to finish off the winter items, then we will start with heavy spring pieces. That being said, it still isn’t appropriate to put out linen, sundresses, crops or sleeveless tops. Let’s hold off on those for a few more weeks. We are still boxing up men’s and women’s shorts and short sleeve tees and tanks. There are marked tubs for those items.

We know it has been a little slow this last month, which is typical of January. We don’t have final results for the month, but it was very respectable compared to previous Januarys. Nice work!

This Tuesday is the bi-annual team leader meeting and we are looking forward to hearing from our illustrious leaders and sharing suggestions amongst the group. Anyone interested in being a team leader is invited to join in all the fun and banter. It will be at Bizarre Bazaar, Tuesday, February 7th at 10:00 a.m. Lunch to follow.

And a word of caution. We recently had a startling experience when a volunteer tried plugging in a lamp (to test it) near the cash register. This overloaded the circuit and I guess the resulting flash/bang was rather exciting. It also put our cash register and credit card machine down for a short while. Our building is old and the wiring is a little suspect on occasion so please try not to plug too many things into the same outlet or strip, especially near the register. We do have a dedicated place to test electrical items in the stockroom near the books.

We know it’s hard to get around in the winter so we doubly appreciate the efforts of all you volunteers who come to the shop and share some of your time with us. And, of course, we welcome any and all comers! If you haven’t volunteered in a while, please stop by and see what’s happening at Bizarre Bazaar.

In appreciation for all you do.
Diane and Cherie