Dear Volunteers,

Spring is official on Tuesday (not that you can tell looking out the window at the current deluge!), and Spring has officially arrived at Bizarre Bazaar. Many thanks to the talented ladies who so creatively crafted a multitude of incredible spring bouquets……they are spectacular (both the bouquets and the ladies)! With the bouquets gracing the shop and the ministrations of both Judy Dabrowski and Rose Chaney this Sunday, Bizarre Bazaar will definitely be a lovely oasis of Springtime. Please come on down, feast your eyes and enjoy a respite from the grey skies and rain storms.

This coming Saturday, March 25th, will be the annual Tour d’Thrift. It is an event designed to promote second hand store shopping and includes about 8 resale stores in the area. Bizarre Bazaar usually outshines all the other shops and we think this year won’t be any different. Extra volunteers are encouraged to sign up and join in the fun showing the community why we are “The Best of Bonner County”! And now might be a great time to look around your homes to see if there are any items you no longer want and bring them on down to the shop. Let’s fill our shelves and racks with all kinds of goodies with which to tempt and tantalize our customers.

A couple of quick notes for sorters. Now is the time we are starting to get winter clothing coming in. Please fold all cotton turtlenecks and place in the bin provided. It is still a little early for summer things such as linen, gauzy dresses and shirts, tanks, crops and the like. Be patient, just a few more weeks! Meanwhile, just hang and put summer things aside.

All you volunteers are doing such a wonderful job—the shop looks sparkly, neat and clean. Both Diane and I so appreciate all the hard work you do to help create the magic of Bizarre Bazaar.

Thank you for all you do!
Diane and Cherie