Dear Volunteers,

Yes! The rumor floating around is true! The Tour d’Thrift was a smashing success. Our revenue was $1,650.00, give or take a few cents, and everyone had a great time. The energy in Bizarre Bazaar was palpable. Many thanks to you wonderful volunteers who participated—you worked hard and were the reason the day was so fabulous!

And another big shout out to the Sister Act for cleaning up the outside of Bizarre Bazaar for the Tour. Have you noticed the cheery primroses out front? Our customers are noticing and commenting how lovely the outside and the inside are. Thank you, Judy and Rose, so much for all your hard work.


It’s Spring, despite the rain, so please, enough of the winter jackets, vests, sweaters, scarves, velour and velvet. Our customers are tired of cold weather items so let’s delight them with Spring-like clothes, pretty and bright. (But do hold off a little longer on summer items - soon, I promise!)

This is the time when a lot of us are working hard, between rain squalls, to wake up our gardens, but we sure could use your help in the shop. There are several available shifts to cover, so please step on up and join us. We are getting busier by the day and would certainly love to see you.

A clarification on clothing labels: “Very Vera” (Wang) and “Simply Vera” (Wang) are Kohl’s labels, therefore those two labels are not expensive and should be priced accordingly. Vera Wang does have a designer label but is marked “Vera Wang”. Also “St. John’s Bay” is a Penney’s house label and “St. John’s Knits” is a coveted, very pricey label. Watch your labels!

An NFS tag on something means Not For Sale. Translated, that means the item, for whatever reason, is NOT TO BE SOLD. If a larger item, usually a piece of furniture, does not have any tag on it, please call Diane or Cherie. In the past, a couple of items on loan for display were sold by mistake. Sometimes NFS (or even regular sales tags) fall off, so please check with us first on the big items.

And last, but not least, those of you who have been in the shop during the last week have noticed something new……up on the balcony level we have two ponies, courtesy of Reno and Clay Hutchison, from the historic Carousel of Smiles. The Hutchison’s were gracious enough to lend these horses to us and we are pleased to share them with you and the public. Be sure to check them out and point them out to customers. They are up high to discourage petting as they are very old (Twenties era). They are a wonderful addition to our delightful shop and Diane, Linda Zinn and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Thank you for all you do!
Diane and Cherie