Dear Volunteers,

OMG! Wasn’t Thursday the most beautiful day ever? It’s amazing any work in Sandpoint got accomplished as everyone dove outside to enjoy the spectacle. Many thanks to those of you who volunteered on this most fabulous day to be inside and help Bizarre Bazaar carry on. And carrying on is what we do. After the winter doldrums of slow donations, slow traffic and sales, we are once again bounding forward with renewed vigor….how poetic, since that is what Spring is all about. Renewal, growth and vigor.

Things are happening! Dixie and Julia’s garden shop is so fantastic….our customers came close to shopping it out the first two days. So, Dixie is putting out the call. If you are starting to go through all your garden like items and need to, ahem, weed out a bit, send them our way and Dixie will work her composting magic to transform them into something fabulous to sell.We are also testing a new guideline for lighting.

There are so many accent lights to plug in or turn on and it gets confusing. There now is a guideline for those pesky old lights, starting from the moment you step in the back door. Critiques are welcome, and please let Cherie know if you have ideas for streamlining this list. Once we refine it, there will also be an actual diagram attached. We plan on updating this guide whenever lighting requirements change (such as for Christmas lighting).

Have you checked out the side parking lot? Yowza… out! Larry Hanna (Karen’s other half) was darting around gleefully on Thursday leveling, filling potholes and spreading gravel. Soon, not only will this be additional parking, but also provide a pull through for drop offs and pick ups (providing that parkers do not block the area…just saying!).

And another big shout out to The Sister Act (Judy and Rose) on the incredible job they are doing outside. The back entrance is becoming so beautiful that we may even reconsider using that as our main door!

And now for the bi-monthly nag. This is the time of year we get a lot of donations (spring cleaning and garage sales) as well as a big increase in traffic. We desperately need your help. A full day, a full shift, an hour or two - whatever you can spare would be SO greatly appreciated! Remember, Bizarre Bazaar exists to raise funds for Scholarships and Grants to support OUR community. Please step up, dive in and have fun doing a wonderful thing to make our county an even more special place.

In great appreciation for you!

Diane and Cherie