Posted by Cherie Warber on Sep 23, 2017




Dear Volunteers,

It was so lovely to see all of you at this week’s meeting, decked out in your fall finery. It is hard to believe Fall is already here - from the 90’s to the 50’s in a week. Now, those of you who decline to volunteer in the summer because it is “too warm at BB”, all excuses are off! Come on in, share in the fun, the work, and the friendship. We have several new members and they are a group of great ladies to get to know. There have been a few days when volunteers have magically appeared, and between them and the hoards of customers, the energy was evident and amazing throughout the shop.

And the donations just keep coming! The other day they were flowing in the front door and the back door simultaneously. What a rush! Help! We need all sorters on deck! I think we have worn out quite a few of our regulars, so please step up and help out.

Mini-training 1 was held this last Thursday; the next one is Thursday, September 28th at 9 a.m. Give Diane or Cherie a heads-up if you are coming. If there are any specialty things you would like to know above and beyond the regular orientation, let one of us know - we can always schedule a special time to cover any additional items or issues.

And speaking of issues….

Everything going out on the floor must have a price tag. No “All (____) $2”. It is a little extra work, but is less confusing for the customer and the cashier. Please do not write ANY price tag in red ink. Red is only used for markdowns.

If you see a price tag with initials in the corner (RQ, DA, CW, etc.), that means the price has been researched. If you think the price may be too high or too low, please feel free to contact Robert, Diane or Cherie to discuss.

Clothes tags
The creativity on the clothes tags is quite astounding. Please write only on the top part and remember, it’s size and price on separate lines. Example: 8 (or S) $6.00, not 8/6. We thank you and our customers thank you.

Additional Items
A lighting guide (laminated and two sided) is now available for your reading pleasure at the cash counter. Please use it when opening the store so we can brighten up the interior as the days get darker.

Boxes for Coats for Kids coat drive and the CASA purse auction are located at the back door. We are partnering up with both organizations to help our community.

An appeal to all members
Due to the incredible inpouring of donations, please hold off sharing your spring and summer castoffs with us until a later date to be announced. Many thanks!

Bizarre Bazaar was voted one of the top places to work in Bonner County. Please know that Diane and I think Bizarre Bazaar has the Best Workers in Bonner County. We thank all our volunteers for their participation and dedication in making BB one of the best shops in the county.

We so appreciate you and your participation!
Diane and Cherie