Posted by Cherie Warber on Jun 24, 2017




Dear Volunteers,

What an amazing group of high school students at our June General Meeting! After listening to this year’s scholarship recipients, I want to go out and earn a lot more to help our future fulfill their dreams. With the incredible amount of donations this year, we will, hopefully, be able to fund more scholarships and grants next year.

What a natural segue into the much anticipated nag - staffing. We need you at Bizarre Bazaar. We know everyone is gearing up for summer and summer activities and guests, but please try to spare a few hours for the shop nearest and dearest to your heart. The donations keep pouring in and in to get things sorted, pressed and priced and out on the floor requires a little participation from our lovely CAL members. The few regular volunteers can not do it all by themselves. We need everyone to step up and help. When I have guests, and they stay more than three days, I insist they come with me to the shop to help. Every one of them have enjoyed the experience and, in subsequent visits, like to come in. What a great way to share with company a bit of our day-to-day lives! (BTW, Bizarre Bazaar is one of the coolest places to be with our new A/C. I have worked there every day this week and not broken a sweat!). 

A few quick comments - clothing tags are crazy!

- Remember, write only on the top half, with a $ sign before the price.

- Anything going out on the floor needs a price tag. A basket of scarves with a sign saying “$1.00 each” won’t cut it. Please price everything individually. (Another BTW…the sign for the scarves fell off.)

- During markdowns, we found several items marked $3.00. If you think this is all it is worth, pass it on. The only things we might mark $3.00 would be strappy summer tanks.

- Check your "go-backs" (items customers have tried on and put on the rack outside the fitting rooms). Several mornings, ladies have found items not returned to the floor from the previous day.

- When returning items to the floor, check the tags and place in the proper spot - full price, ½ off and $2.00 rack.

- Don’t forget to look at the lingerie rack as customers place "go-backs" there as well.

A big oops from me - the email I sent this past week asking members to refrain from bringing in out-of-season clothes had the last couple of sentences cut off. Please hold off on your fall/winter donations until September/October. We are up to the gunwales with donations and are running out of space. Many thanks!

Team leaders and helpers - please use the lighting guide. If lights are plugged into a surge protector, just turn the strip off. Do not turn individual lights off and do not unplug the strips. Lighting is a very important part of merchandising.


Art Walk night was wonderful with lots of guests and beautiful art.

During the summer, if someone comes in with a“passport” 
(we have some at the front counter), please stamp or mark with the red marker.

If someone wishes to purchase a piece of art, collect cash or check and place in an envelope to be placed with the night’s deposit. Do NOT run throu
gh the register.

Love you! You work so hard to help CAL fund scholarships and grants. We would like more of you to participate in this endeavor, so step up, sign up and have a lot of fun helping CAL and Bizarre Bazaar shine.

We so appreciate you and your participation!
Diane and Cherie