Posted by Cherie Warber on Oct 07, 2017



Dear Volunteers,

Ladies and Robert… What an incredible job you have all been doing - and let us not forget to thank Art Bourassa, Judy’s darling husband, as well - getting all those wonderful donations to the shop. It is an incredibly difficult job moving those big pieces of furniture. The shop looks amazing and the new additions have been flying out the door. Thank you to all involved!

Cherie has not been too much help this last week as she struggles to literally get back on her feet after pulling a back muscle whose nerve runs down the front of the thigh. Yikes! And yet you all have been so incredible in keeping those wheels of commerce running. Thank you.

Let us remember that it is Fall…so please be mindful of what clothing goes out on the floor. I did see a pair of crops and a linen shirt hanging over the sign that states “no more summer things”. Read, read, read those pesky little signs PLEASE.

A few words of caution…more and more folks leaving donations are doing the “drop and run” thing, leaving things out in the weather and in some rather strange places. Although we appreciate all donations, we need to figure out a way to let folks know to not leave things during the hours we are closed and in places things might get damaged due to weather. Any ideas on how to deal with this will be welcomed by Diane and Cherie.

Also, we recently had a “visitor” who may or may not have been rifling through donations dropped outside the back door. Just be aware of what is going on. The same day, a gentleman tried to bargain on an expensive jacket in the shop. The team patiently explained we do not negotiate clothing prices. When he left it was discovered he had secreted another jacket inside the one he was trying to make a deal on. Again, be aware. AND….if a customer ever makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, just leave the shop. There is NOTHING in the shop worth compromising your safety.

And that brings us to the staffing issue. There is always safety in numbers and the more the merrier! We have had some great days with a lot of volunteers working and it really makes it a lot of fun. Sign up or just drop in for a couple of hours.

Afternoon shift, check your duty list for the end of the day:

  • Return go-backs
  • Bring in the $2 rack
  • Lock the front door
  • Empty the trash 
  • Turn off lights

We so appreciate you and your participation!
Diane and Cherie