Posted by Cherie Warber on Nov 04, 2017



Dear Volunteers,

Yikes! Snow! As beautiful as it is, I think it is a little too early. Personally, I had hoped for a couple more weeks of respite. Mother Nature. Can’t fight her.

That being said, let’s all keep in mind that weather wise it is wintery, so be careful what you put out on the floor. We are still finding short sleeve t-shirts, summery dresses and jackets as well as open toed shoes (brrrrr!) out on the racks and shelves. Think warm and fuzzy.

Bizarre Bazaar Christmas Transformation This Weekend!

And (drum roll, please) Sunday was the grand day for Christmas to magically appear in our lovely little shop! Thanks to the diligent work of elves Rose Chaney and Judy Dabrowski and their helpers, all the Christmas items from the back room have been sorted and priced and will make Bizarre Bazaar sparkle. We started at 9:30 a.m. The happy decorators shared a pot luck dish; and as always it was delicious!

Thank you to members who have held off on donating winter clothing. Please feel free now to drop off coats, sweaters, ski attire, Christmas décor, anything wintery. Diane and I appreciate your help in helping us maintain our inventory and we will let you know when we can accept your summer items.

Winter coats are now out on the floor and ski clothes will go out this week before the big Sandpoint Ski Swap next weekend. Our beautiful Christmas attire will come out just before the After Hours Party. Since our shop will be filled to the brim with Christmas décor, please put aside or box up household or decorative items that are not Thanksgiving, Christmas or winter themed. Our shop is only so big and we do not want to make it appear cluttered - remember our motto - Upscale Resale!

A quick note to those of you observant folks who have commented that at times the shop looks a little dusty and dirty. Our cleaning lady comes Monday evenings and either Thursday evenings or Friday mornings. Her job is to vacuum and clean the bathrooms. Our volunteers' job is to dust. If you feel the shop floor needs a little help, grab a vacuum and help out. We have had trouble with one of the vacuums and will try to get it fixed or replaced. We did have a professional crew come in and clean the ceilings, fans and lights - wow! Decades of nasty dirt were cleaned - it should make a difference.

Thank you to all who come and work at Bizarre Bazaar. Your help makes all the difference to us and to our beautiful community.

Don't forget our annual “After Hours” Christmas party at the shop, on November 17th at 4:01 p.m. This is our celebration for you, our volunteers and a guest to thank you for all you do for Bizarre Bazaar. It includes beverages and light bites. A great way to start a festive Friday evening, don’t you think?

We so appreciate you and your participation!
Diane and Cherie