Posted by Cherie Warber on Nov 18, 2017




Dear Volunteers,

What a lovely way to kick off the upcoming Holiday season Friday night at Bizarre Bazaar! Thanks to those of you who were able to come and many thanks to the lovely ladies of the Board who were gracious enough to provide refreshments. Additional thanks are extended to the morning and afternoon shifts on Thursday and Friday who worked diligently to make the shop shine and sparkle. It is due to our dedicated volunteers that Bizarre Bazaar is able to prosper and assist CAL in giving back to the community.

Just a reminder that BB will be closed both Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th. Traditionally we let those Black Friday deal hunters exhaust themselves the day after Thanksgiving, which makes them ever the more so appreciative of the less frenetic and more charming atmosphere we provide when we reopen on Saturday.

And the donations keep pouring in! It is incredible how many residents of the area are cleaning out and lightening up. The wonderful thing is that they bring their treasures to us. Sorters are always needed, so come on down and visit for a while. You should notice a huge difference in the sorting area with the new LED lighting so graciously installed by Tom Zinn, husband of our lovely President Linda. Thank you, Tom.

And, in the spirit of Thanksgiving:

- Ironing ladies, thank you for continuing to make our clothing look so lovely! Pricers, you too have been doing a great job. You will notice that we are trying out a new plastic tag for our tagging guns. Hopefully, the new black tags will alleviate the problem we have been having with the old white ones. Those who dust and tidy, thanks for keeping our little shop sparkling. And to our cashiers – you have been quite busy taking care of our customers as they gather up their treasures.

- Ladies who collect our pass-ons – you are amazing! Thank you for your hard work. (By the way, this team could use two or three more team members. This is hard work for just three or four ladies 6 days a week. Please call Marilyn Haddad (208-255-2331) if you are interested in helping.)

- And big thank yous to those “behind the scenes” people – the Sisters (Judy and Rose), Robert (the auction fellow) and especially Rose Anne Wheatley and Linda Oldridge for making the daily sales balance and make sense!

Some new business:

- The Men’s department is looking for a third person to help on the team as Toni Sommers is taking a 7-month sabbatical. If you are interested, please contact either Sam Shields or Lori Neptune.

- Please make sure you turn on all the lights! Almost every lamp is plugged into a power strip. Do not turn these lamps off individually – use the power strip. It makes it easier for you and for the next AM shift.

- For ice on the walks, you can find buckets of fine gravel at the back door.

It takes all of us to make Bizarre Bazaar as successful as it is. Each one of you is an important part of the whole. Diane and I appreciate what you do and are so very thankful, in so many ways for your participation.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Diane and Cherie