Posted by Cherie Warber on Mar 10, 2018




Dear Volunteers,

Pat yourselves on the back, ladies and Robert. Another stellar month, breaking all records for a February at $14,071!  Amazing! Wonderful! Stupendous! And Wow!

We are only a month away from determining how much we are able to give to grants and scholarships, so these last great months put smiles on everyone's faces. Thank you one and all for your contributions in making it happen. We’ve had some great publicity from The Bonner County Daily Bee in a story written by Dave Gunter and published on January 28 of this year. If you haven’t read it, you can find it on the
Daily Bee Facebook page or our CAL Sandpoint, ID Facebook page (only for members). If you aren't a member of our CAL Sandpoint, ID Facebook page, contact Diane Arrants with a request to be added.

Donations just keep rolling in. This past weekend, Monday and Tuesday were amazing how many items came through the doors. It was pretty incredible as well at how fast those items were sorted and on their way out to the floor. One reminder especially when we are getting such volume of donations. Take your time and look things over carefully. Some of the people picking up our pass-ons have found perfectly sale-able items as they go through the bags and boxes (a beautiful vintage cashmere sweater, an Italian leather coin bag, jewelry, a Reed and Barton silver bowl). Don’t worry if you can’t process it all on your shift. Let the next team finish the job of sorting. We are getting so many wonderful items and we want to make sure these treasures get out to our customers.

Spring is slowly sneaking up on us (finally!). Let’s start holding back those turtlenecks, warm and fuzzy sweaters, coats…anything that shouts “Winter”. Our customers are tired of winter and are looking for brighter and lighter things. However, it is still too early for linen, sundresses, crops, tanks. Put those on hold and we’ll get them out in a few weeks. 

Tour De Thrift is Saturday, March 24th. We will spend the week before getting ready for the hordes of shoppers, so mark it on your calendar. We need ironers, pricers and any one else who would like to stop by and lend a hand. On Saturday, we can use whoever would like to join us. It really is a fun, busy day and we think you will enjoy yourselves.

There will be some policy changes and ideas coming in the next week in a separate email. We hope you will take the time to read this. Several of the ideas were suggested at the team leader meeting last month and everything thinks it will clear up confusion on some things and also help make your job easier. We encourage comments and feedback as that is how we learn. In addition, the shop manual will be updated to reflect these changes.

One item of confusion we can clear up for the morning teams, please try to be at the shop at least 10 to 15 minutes before opening at 10:00 a.m. This gives you a chance to get ready to open the doors on time. Actually, the manual says 30 minutes before. And for afternoon teams, there are several things to be accomplished before you walk out that back door including tidying, returning go-backs and emptying the trash. Easy, especially if everyone pitches in.

Another item to be aware of is the placement of tags. I’ve included a picture of an "Oops, what happened”? See if you can spot the problem.


Again, thank you one and all for the amazing job you are doing. Every time you show up and share your time with us helps make what we give back to the community even greater. You rock!

In appreciation for all you do,
Diane and Cherie