Posted by Cherie Warber on Apr 07, 2018




Dear Volunteers,

What the heck happened to Spring? Do we need to think about dragging out the flannels, cords and wools again? The crocus are coming up, yet this morning there was snow on the ground and it’s APRIL!

Regardless, the folks just keep on coming in with wonderful donations and to spend some time and money with us. March, despite the unseasonal weather, was yet another banner month. In fact, it was the best March ever, coming in at a delightful $18,732.92. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done to facilitate our continuing growth.

Just a little comment to those of you who think that because we are doing so well, you don’t need to participate. The success of Bizarre Bazaar depends on all of us doing something besides lunch and play games. Each one of us is a very important part of the whole and we need you to help. With the generous donations pouring in, we need your help in sorting, pressing and pricing…or whatever your specialty is. A team leader by herself or with only one person cannot deal with both the volume of customers and the volume of donations. Please try to find a little time to come in and lend a hand. There are too many open spaces on the calendar and we need your help. Grab a pal, or plan on meeting some new friends and join in. And don’t forget to use the online calendar system; it’s a whiz to use and you don’t even need to login to use if you follow the link in the email request.

The ”Members Only” shelves in the Clubhouse are spilling over. The next time you drop in, check if there is anything there with your name on it. Whatever is left by the end of April will either be passed on or sold.

Sorters – we know there is a great volume of donations, but please check things carefully. There are many items going to pass-ons that Robert can sell at auction. And, if you are hanging clothes please button, snap or zip.

Pricers are doing a great job. I was a little puzzled to see a couple of garments with the incorrect tag color. This month is green tags, last month was yellow (both full price) and blue is half price. I found a few white tags which was puzzling.

By now, a lot of you have seen the gold stars on some very special items. These items have been researched and we ask that the prices on them not be changed without conferring with Robert, Diane or Cherie. Generally, these are unique, vintage or expensive items. 

One last request is that anything put on the floor (except books, CD’s DVD’s) have a price tag on it. Our customers get confused as do our cashiers on items without price tags.

The Spring Luncheon is just around the corner! If you are looking for bonita Mexican apparel, there several lovely items at the shop to purchase. Come on in and get ready to Fiesta. We’ll see you at the luncheon or hopefully, before, at Bizarre Bazaar.

In appreciation for all you do,
Diane and Cherie