Posted by Cherie Warber on Jun 23, 2018

June News


Dear Volunteers,

Another stellar month! This is something Bizarre Bazaar could not do without the help of our dedicated volunteers who share their time to help sort, iron, price, and put merchandise out on the floor. Thank you all!


And it goes without saying that we invite all members to come in and join in the activity. Sign up with a new friend or come to make a new friend. Since this is also the season where we are all inundated with company, please feel free to invite your guests to come in with you and see how hard you work. And don’t forget to use the online volunteer calendar to schedule (this link will take you to the Current Active Volunteer Signup lists without having to log in). We are trying to consolidate the write-on calendar with the website list. It’s easy!!

Donations abound. This last week they have been pouring in. It is still garage sale season and often we are the recipients of the largesse. A big thank you to all who worked this week and muddled through the piles of incoming stuff. You are Super Women!

And another thank you to those of you holding back on your personal donations to the shop. We are so overwhelmed with incoming items that space is at a premium. We appreciate your help.

And on to the regular housekeeping comments:

This week was markdowns and a time where we get a chance to look at tags. Your pricing was pretty consistent. There were some non standard tags used (either the incorrect color or blank white ones). Please make sure when tagging that the correct tag is used. We are now using yellow for July. All tags go on the left side of the garment (in a seam) unless the fabric is very fine or very heavy. The tags for those items goes in the label in the neckline.

Several of the items that went to sale were out of season. Our shoppers are looking for seasonable, clean and up-to-date fashions, so let’s keep them happy - and in the mood to shop! We have tons of cute stuff and a lot of items still packed in boxes that need to be placed on the racks. We have the opportunity to be RUTHLESS. Remember, our motto is
“Upscale Resale”.

Once more, Diane and I thank you for volunteering. You are amazing!

In appreciation for all you do,
Diane and Cherie