Posted by Cherie Warber on Oct 06, 2018

October News


Dear Volunteers,

The first snowfall in the mountains! It’s for real! Winter is just around the corner! Whatever happened to summer and to our all too short fall?

Here is a suggestion. Even though the weather will shortly be getting wet and much cooler, Bizarre Bazaar is always warm and toasty inside and is a wonderful place to spend a delightful morning or afternoon volunteering. The camaraderie of your fellow volunteers and the constant stream of customers will brighten up any gloomy day.

And, there is always something to do! The donations are still pouring in by car and truck full. Many thanks go out to both Jaimie Erdt and Virginia Chavez who spent this past Sunday (Jaimie was there from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) processing a donation dropped off Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Just as she was leaving, someone pulled up with yet another trailer load and she graciously helped them unload. Virginia returned Monday morning to continue sorting and Jaimie later returned with Dixie and Team Move your Treasures with another fabulous load. Whew! What dedication. Thanks to all.

Thank you to all you patient ladies for holding back on your winter donations. We can now accept them, including coats. At this point we ask that you hold onto your spring and summer things until we have more room. Currently we are hanging all clothing except for men’s and women’s shorts, women’s crops and tanks. Also, with winter clothing, especially wool clothing, look carefully for moth holes. Sadly, a lot of our winter donations are “holey”.

A request for sorters who decide to hang clothes in the back racks-- please read the signs and not just stuff things in any open spot. Believe or not, there is some reason behind the madness. Clothing is divided by seasons and sometimes things get “lost” missing the correct season, by being misfiled. Thank you for your help!

And please! Don’t forget to turn on all the lights!

Now is a good time to start thinking of cleaning out your holiday decorations. The ladies are already organizing the Christmas room and soon will start pricing. The grand Holiday Decoration Event is scheduled for Sunday, November 11th, and the more decorations, the merrier! 

You who volunteer are an amazing group! Without you, we cannot fulfill CAL’s mission statement to help the Bonner community by providing much needed funding for grants and scholarships. YOU make this happen every time you walk through the door at Bizarre Bazaar. We need more members to sign up for available shifts for September (October and November are also available for signup). This link will take you directly to the webpage to sign up for a shift.

In appreciation for all you do,
Diane and Cherie