Posted by Cherie Warber on Feb 09, 2019

Dear Volunteers,

It looks as though winter is giving us a front row seat, though I thank heavens it is nothing like what the mid-west is experiencing! Despite the flurries, Sandpoint is busy and so is Bizarre Bazaar. You just can’t keep a Bizarre Bazaar devotee home!

Our first ever Dust Bunny Rodeo was a success! Many thanks once again to those who came and corralled those pesky little critters. Many apologies as well to Lin Otey and Patti Rechnitzer who were there and got missed in my first thank you note. The shop just sparkled by the time we were done.

And this brings up an important comment. These volunteers worked hard, on a Sunday mid-day, to do a dirty job. It is now our duty to make sure their work does not go unappreciated. So please, if you drop something or see something on the floor, pick it up. Clean up your work areas before you go home - this shows respect for the next team. Return clothes to their proper racks. Empty the coffee makers and the trash. And please do not leave open food on the back table. Recently the Clubhouse table looked as though a bunch of 4-year olds had had a free-for-all, with open packages of food spilled on the table and the floor. Heidi, our cleaning lady comes twice a week, but is only tasked with vacuuming the sales floor, upstairs, the stairs and cleaning the bathrooms. There is no one to pick up for you, except you.

Thanks as well go to Judy Dabrowski’s team in picking up loads of donations from the recently closed “Great Stuff” store on 1st Avenue. There were some really “great” things to share with our customers.

Our other donations are picking up as well. Perhaps it is partially due to the recent showing of a NetFlix document about Marie Kondo and her magic of tidying philosophy. Regardless of the reason, let us thank the powers that be for their largesse! For your own personal donations, we will accept winter things until the end of February. At that time, we will start putting out EARLY Spring. (No sundresses, linen, shorts, etc. - you get the drift!) Starting in March we ask you to refrain from bringing in anything winter.

New changes are coming to the pricing book. We think it will become an even easier tool for you.

Cashiers – don’t forget your OOPS slips! Recently two have gone missing, both for about $800.00. Without the slips, we are responsible for the sales tax. That is over $100 in tax we could be liable for. Rose Anne Wheatley needs those slips to balance the till.

The semi-annual Team Leader meeting will be at Bizarre Bazaar on Tuesday, February 12th, at 9.30 a.m. From the responses, it looks like we will have record-breaking attendance, which means a lively discussion time! If you have ever considered becoming a Team Leader, you are welcome to join in! Expect about 2-3 hours and lunch will be available during the second half.

Our volunteers are the greatest! You are our village that helps run Bizarre Bazaar. Many, many thanks for your work and dedication.

In appreciation for all you do,
Diane and Cherie