Posted by Cherie Warber on Mar 09, 2019


Dear Volunteers,

Does anyone else feel like this is the winter that just keeps on giving? Such hopes for an early Spring the end of January – and then, February. However, the retail industry marches (ahem) forward regardless of the weather with tantalizing glimpses of the coming beauty and warmth of Spring. Now in lockstep with the industry, we are featuring warmer weather merchandise. (But please don’t go crazy with summer things quite yet!)

One of our most exciting introductions to the coming warmer weather is the annual “Tour d’Thrift”, scheduled for Saturday, March 23rd. This is the day all the resale shops in the greater Sandpoint area join together to promote second-hand store shopping. Customers get “passports” and by going to the various shops on the list, gather stamps to be eligible for various prizes and drawings. It is yet another wonderful opportunity to publicize the Bizarre Bazaar name and reputation in the community. It will be a busy day, so we invite all volunteers to drop by to help. We will have items on special, have refreshments and a lot of fun. It will be busy! We need you!

Bizarre Bazaar has been rekeyed! New keys were issued at the Team Leader meeting to Team Leaders, Department Heads and Pass-On Angels. If you missed the meeting, please contact Cherie and make arrangements to swap your key. I am usually at the shop Monday mornings, but can be available other times.

If you like to price clothing, look for the updated Pricing Guide (thanks to Jaimie Erdt!). Two new divisions have been added and instead of the divisions being labeled with “names” (such as Budget, Designer, etc.), they are designated by $ signs. Budget is now $, and Designer is $$$$$$. We hope this makes pricing easier and more consistent, but as always, we welcome your feedback!

Speaking of pricing clothes, remember: 

* Always place price tag in the LEFT underarm SEAM on tops, dresses, jackets, coats (exception: fine, delicate fabrics, leather or very heavy fabrics, which should be in the neck label) or the LEFT side waistband SEAM on skirts and pants.
* Write only on the top half of the ticket and only in black or blue ink.
* Write size, then price, preceded by a $. (8 $8.00).
* If it is a set, write “two piece” or “three piece” on the tag. Please make sure the sizes and labels on the pieces are the same and make sure it is hung on a “set” hanger.

And, of course, it goes without saying, everything going on the sales floor needs a price tag (except books and small empty picture frames). No other exceptions!

On-line sign ups are increasing! Thank you, volunteers, thank you Team Leaders for stepping up to sign up your crews and thank you Marnie Easly (volunteer coordinator) for keeping all the information straight! It is such a help for team leaders to be able to review their shifts and see a full list of volunteer names, rather than have to send the usual ‘help’ emails. 

Community Assistance League recently received a donation from D.A. Davidson, an investment advising firm. They encourage their employees to participate in community based charitable organizations and we were lucky enough to have Patti Balch join us. She was a great addition to our group! Not only did we get to work with her, but her time volunteering was compensated with a donation to CAL from her company. Many thanks to Patti and to D.A. Davidson!

Volunteers are the backbone of Bizarre Bazaar. Thanks to all you who contribute your time, expertise and caring to make our little Upscale Resale shop the best little shop in Sandpoint!

In appreciation for all you do,
Diane and Cherie