Posted by Cherie Warber on May 04, 2019


Dear Volunteers,

So many beautiful ladies and so many beautiful hats at the wonderful Spring Luncheon! I hope you had as much fun as Diane and I did. It was so nice to see everyone all dressed up in their fine Spring attire.

Another indication that Spring is here is the long-awaited Garden Shop which will open for business on Monday, May 8th (Dixie Stansell always plans her garden extravaganza for the week before Mother’s Day). Dixie has worked hard for many months to get ready for this lovely addition to our shop but due to a scheduling conflict she has asked Rose Chaney and Judy Dabrowski to step in and make this creation come to life. Don’t miss out on seeing what these talented ladies come up with!

Other up-coming events in May: Mother’s Day on the 12th, followed closely by “Lost in the 50’s” the following weekend (16th, 17th, 18th.)

“Lost in the 50’s” is a great time for us to engage with locals and visitors alike, so we hope that you will sign up for a shift or a few hours during that weekend. Men’s and Women’s clothing departments have already set aside fun attire for our customers that will go out next week. If you do work that weekend, join the fun and wear your favorite 50’s era outfit (and rock to the music)!

Speaking of sign-ups, Marnie Easley (Volunteer Coordinator) will be on vacation this month. If you usually sign up on paper at the shop, we strongly encourage you to try >>>> on-line sign up <<<<. May, June and July calendars are available and it's now sorted by week and day, just as the big manual calendar. It’s getting easier (even Cherie can do it now)! Or, if this is just too overwhelming, Diane and Cherie will be monitoring the calendars.

It is so nice to see the beautiful colors of Spring on our racks of clothing. Because we are heading into warmer weather, please leave the winter things (turtlenecks, corduroy, heavy stuff, etc.) in the back room. We have so many pretty things to put out. A reminder – Please do not put anything out on any hangers except the standard clear plastic (or metal skirt style) ones. A recent survey of the sales floor found tube hangars, white hangers and padded hangars. When things come in on odd hangers remember:

  • plastic tube hangers go in the laundry basket on the shelves to be bundled for resale
  • plain wire hangers go in the basket in the sorting area to be recycled to NuWay Cleaners
  • all other hangers are put in the pass-on area

Donations! We need summer donations, especially housewares! Marie Kondo your house and bring us your less than joyful items. It’s a given that someone else will come to treasure your donated things.

Bizarre Bazaar looks amazing! Thanks to all of you who keep it clean, neat, sorted and styled. Diane and I truly appreciate your dedication in keeping Bizarre Bazaar the best little resale shop in North Idaho!

YOU are amazing!

Diane and Cherie