Posted by Cherie Warber on Jun 08, 2019


Dear Volunteers,

It’s Summer! Well, not precisely Summer, but by the time you read this it will be approximately 11 days, 13 hours, 41 minutes and 30 seconds…but then, who’s counting? Of course, we must deal with the June doldrums of gray, drizzle, wind, etc. etc. etc. But after our glorious May, a little gray and rain won’t hurt.

And, for Bizarre Bazaar, summer means GARAGE SALES. And garage sales mean we get slammed on Mondays with the leftovers. Volunteers, UNITE! We need you any time, but Monday mornings are critical. Donations are picking up and we need your help in processing and getting these wonderful items out for customers to drool over. We have also been busy with hordes of customers, so as you plan out your summer, PLEASE do not forget to sign up and help at Bizarre Bazaar.

AND you are surviving the new computer system! Nice job, all of you, who are taking the time to learn the Square System. It’s really pretty simple, isn’t it? Special thanks to Penny Switlik and Virginia Chavez who have come in on days off to assist. Don’t be intimidated by the word “computer”. If Cherie can do it, ANYONE can. We will have more detailed notes on operational oddities soon.

Lots of little notes:

  • Betsy Harding, Linen Lady, requests you clear out those linen closets and share your wonderful things.
  • Please do not over cram the clothing racks. If items are ironed and pressed and there is no room, place on the rolling rack in the back room.
  • “Strappy” tanks are $3.00 and almost all shorts are $4.00.
  • ALL price tags need a $ sign on them.
  • With pants, skirts, crops and shorts on the floor, there is a shortage of the correct pant hanger. For the time being just hang these summer items that are going directly on the floor.
  • Check that crops and shorts are returned to the proper rounder. It is marked, surprisingly enough, “Crops and Shorts”.
  • Members, please hang onto your Fall/Winter items until September. We do not have the room to store them.

You all are so amazing with the amount of time you give us and the job you do. The fact that we have given out 50 grants and 39 scholarships is testimony to your dedication and hard work. Thank you.

Sign up! Summer is busy and we NEED you!

Online sign up <<<< is the best way.

June, July and August calendars are available, sorted by week and day. You can also schedule through a team leader or on paper at the shop. Hope to see you soon.

In appreciation for all you do!

Diane and Cherie