Posted by Cherie Warber on Jun 22, 2019


Dear Volunteers,

What a beautiful program Sally Lowery and her Scholarship committee put on this past Wednesday! The reason Bizarre Bazaar exists is for Scholarships and Grants to deserving Bonner County groups and projects. If you were too busy to attend, I suggest you try to come next year. It helps one understand why we strive to make Bizarre Bazaar the very best.

Speaking of best, in a nod to the ever-changing world of retail, your merchandising team has mixed things up a bit in our clothing world. For the next month we have separated blue jeans out of the pants rounder. They are currently on a T-stand and are being offered at “1/2” off the $5.00 price. When you price blue jeans, please mark the tag at $5.00, then with red mark down to $2.50 and write “special” on the tag. This is only for ordinary blue jeans, NOT designer jeans.

  • Ordinary tanks are being priced at $2.00 and are on a separate rounder. Nicer, dressier or designer tanks will be priced as usual and placed in the regular rounders.
  • Shorts are on a rolling rack and are priced at $4.00-$5.00. Weather permitting these can go out on the sidewalk.
  • Casual sandals are priced at $1.00 (flip flops) or $2.00 and are rubber-banded together. Please make sure these sandals look new! No yucky “toe marks”!
  • Let’s keep the prices of casual sundresses to $5.00. For nicer ones, of course, please use the pricing guide.

We have so much summer back-stock (and it just keeps on coming!) that we need to move it!

Moving on, we need help getting all the wonderful donations we are receiving to their proper areas. And to do this we need volunteers. Two people each shift can only “maintain”. Both Diane and I have discovered that working with a big team is so much more fun and so energizing. Bring a friend. Bring two. If you are a regular volunteer, ask a stay-at-home buddy to join you for a very short 3-hour shift. Just come and help make the magic happen! (Don’t forget we have A/C.)

Time for housekeeping:

  • The big blue square barrel by the back door is for RECYCLE only. No trash. Recycled materials are clean paper (including newspaper), lidless water bottles, cans, clean plastics marked with a triangle, cardboard and broken-down cardboard boxes. Please no intact boxes, plastic bags, lunch wrappers or dirty trash.
  • ALL price tags need a $ sign. No exceptions!
  • Check the pockets. A recent laundry adventure netted $24.00 from an unchecked pocket. It really is important that garments do not go out on the floor with anything (especially used Kleenex) in the pockets. (Check purses and wallets as well!)
  • Please no winter items from members!
    We are exploding with out-of-season clothes and ask you hang on to yours for just a couple more months.
  • We need housewares, linens, furniture, books, jewelry and children’s items.
  • PM crews, remember to lock all interior doors (the door between the stock room and the warehouse and the door between the garage and the Christmas room).

On Thursday, we were working on markdowns and moving merchandise around when a huge trailer filled with large black plastic bags pulled up. The “haul” covered the club house table and the floor surrounding it. An insurmountable task? Not for THIS team! Nancy Molnar and Terry Tindall leaped in action on the donations, (while Penny Switlik took control of the front, Sherry Fulton and Marnie Easly pressed on with getting merchandise out front and Cherie did her usual getting in everyone’s way). Shirl Howard and Rose Chaney charged in to help and by noon everything was under control. For a while it was chaos, but fun chaos with lots of teasing and giggles, and I believe everyone went home tired but feeling great. Thanks to all of you! What teamwork!

Diane and I appreciate each and everyone of you who walk through that door and give of your time to help Bizarre Bazaar be the best of the best. We cannot thank you enough!

Sign up! We NEED you!

Online sign up <<<< is the best way.

June, July and August calendars are available, sorted by week and day. You can also schedule through a team leader or on paper at the shop. Hope to see you soon.

In appreciation for all you do!

Diane and Cherie