Posted by Tracy Gibson on Mar 21, 2020


Dear CAL Members,

As you may have guessed, the Grant committee work has been postponed and will start again at a date to be determined. Organizations such as Senior Centers, Schools, City/County Programs, Libraries and Fire Departments are dealing with Covid-19. Applying for grants and submitting final reports are not a top priority at this time.

Traditionally CAL Grants are distributed in May. Fortunately, we are not committed to a defined date; this allows us to extend the grant application date. There are 3 good reasons to extend the deadline:

  1. This extension will help accommodate the hardworking non-profits we support.
  2. We may also find a greater need within the community as a result of Covid-19.
  3. Our grant funds could be decreased in order to keep our bread and butter shop (Bizarre Bazaar) open.

Fortunately, our store managers, board of directors, team leaders and volunteers have put us in a strong financial position and we have cash on hand to work with! When we have a better of idea of how to move forward we will let you know what is going on. Until then, stay home, wash your hands, play with your dog, make soup, rake your yard, go for a walk, clean out your closets, organize those photos, play a card game, call your friends and family, but most of all, be well.

Tracy Gibson
Grants Chair