Posted by Bobbie Franklin on Oct 20, 2018

Thank You!



Dear CAL Members,

The past month has seen some great THANK YOU’S from the 2018 grantees. Community Cancer Services praised our efforts saying they were able to provide 333 gas vouchers for people in Bonner County who had to travel to Coeur d’Alene and Spokane for radiation or chemotherapy. With gas prices so high this past summer, they could not have afforded the gas to get to treatment without those vouchers. Kudos CAL members!

2nd Harvest was awarded a grant also.  For every dollar we donate to them, they can provide approximately 6 pounds of food to people in need… about 5 meals for hungry people.  More Kudos Ladies!

The Bonner County Historical Society and Museum hosted 2 free private tours of the museum and including the Wunderkammer Exhibit for which CAL gave a grant to purchase three curio cabinets around which the exhibit was built. must say, Heather Upton, the curator, does a great job of explaining her thought process that went into the creation of the exhibit and at the same time, she is highly entertaining. This is the second year she has made outreach to CAL for the private tours in a gesture of thanks for our grant. One more time - Kudos to you CAL members, who through your hard work make this all possible.

This was our 2nd year of participating in the Senior Finance Fair on October 10. CAL was asked to participate in helping the students choose who to and how to give back to their community. We were a team of 6 and had a great time interacting with those young people and letting them know just what CAL does. This is a standing invitation to CAL to participate in this event. Kudos, again CAL ladies!


2018 Senior Finance Fair

Tracy Gibson will be next year's Grants Chair and we will be working together this year on the grant process. I am taking names of those CAL members interested in being on the committee either as a full member or as an alternate. Let me know if you have interest at

Hope to see you at our next meeting.

Bobbie Franklin
Grants Chair