Posted by Maxine Haun on Nov 19, 2022


Dear Members,
As I think about Thanksgiving, which is just ahead, I have so much for which to be grateful. I am thankful that you care about our CAL members and take the time to let me know when a note of thanks, encouragement, sympathy, get well is needed for one of our members. With information that you provided; the following cards were sent out in October.
MonthGet WellEncouragementSympathyThank
October11 1 
Please continue to send information regarding members who may need a card of condolence, thank you, get well, best wishes or encouragement. Each of you is our best source of helping to keep us all connected. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Contact me via phone or text message at 808-292-6199 or email at
Maxine Haun