Membership News


Hello everyone…

Just an FYI that things are moving along swimmingly as far as Membership is concerned. We continue to acquire new members almost every month, which helps make up for the ebb and flow we experience every renewal period. Below are the names of new members who either joined or reactivated their memberships as of November 1, 2016 (after the paper mini-directory was printed).

With that said, new members mean member badges must be ordered to identify them. I’ve mentioned before that when ordering member badges, we must now meet a minimum order of $20. Otherwise, we incur significant service charges.

After I communicated this last month, many of you generously helped out by ordering an additional member badge for yourselves. (You know it’s always nice to leave one attached to your BB apron, one in your car glove compartment, one in your purse, etc. You can never have too many badges.) Therefore, I was able to send in the order that I had been holding awaiting the required minimum amount. But we found ourselves in the same predicament again this week, until a couple of Board Members kindly ordered additional badges for themselves so that a pending order could be placed.

To mitigate this problem in the future, I was hoping to have a “standby list” of members available to call upon should this happen again. The standby list would consist of names of members who are willing to order a member badge should I need to complete an order but I’m coming up short (i.e. not meeting the minimum).

If you’re willing to have your name placed on such a list, please let me know and also what type of badge (magnet or pin-backed) you would prefer.

Many thanks.

Robbie Gleason
CAL Membership Chair