Posted by Robbie Gleason on Mar 10, 2018

Membership News

Hi Members,

The Membership Chair Position is Open

It has been my privilege and honor for nearly four years to be your Membership Chair; however, it is now time for me to pass that mantle on to another to put their own personal stamp on it.

I believe that change is important. Growth needs to take place in all things otherwise they wither and die. With close to 240 members and only 15 Board members it is important that new faces come on board and offer their expertise and fresh ideas.

Please consider the position of Membership Chair as a hat you’d like to try on for size. The description of this Chairmanship in our Bylaws is:


“Membership shall prepare and maintain the membership roster, collect information on each CAL member’s experience, interests and activities, conduct the orientation of new members, and Chair the Nominating Committee.”

I send out monthly rosters, birthday reports, invoice annual dues to members, etc. The website has “canned” reports with just a few clicks of a computer mouse. With internet access, it can be done even if you’re out of town. If you enjoy using your computer and are organized, you can accomplish this within minutes every month. The rest of the position involves adding new member data into ClubRunner and/or assisting members in personally updating their profiles - not time consuming at all.

The busiest time of the year is at the start of the new fiscal year, July 1st, through the closing of membership renewal, November 1st. During this time, the documents that go into New Member packets are updated and emailed to the printer for the New Member packets. Once a yea
r this information is downloaded along with the current member roster for printing. There is also a ClubRunner app for mobile devices (from the Apple and Google app stores) that lists our organization members, with the ability of calling or emailing directly from your cell phone or tablet.

The yearly membership renewal invoices are emailed from our website membership module. Once the renewal monies are received, I post the membership payments on the membership module and deposit the money.

Finally, I plan and co-host the annual New Member Tea…always great fun. Please don’t be intimidated; the processes are documented and I will be available to assist you until you feel comfortable with the activities of the position.

Please let either Sherry Ennis or myself know of your interest in the position. Either of us would be happy to discuss it with you.

Robbie Gleason
CAL Membership Chair