Posted by Diane Arrants on Oct 06, 2018

Membership News

Hi Members,

So how do we get to meet and learn about each other, besides volunteering at Bizarre Bazaar or socializing at our luncheons?

A few board members thought we should have mini mixers that pair newer members with those that have been members for a longer time. The intent is to sprinkle the parties with CAL members in 4 groups for the following years: 1-4 years, 5-10 years, 11–15 years and 16+ years.

Each designated host will decide on the theme for gathering. It could be a light lunch, or brunch or whatever they decide to do. The idea is to get to know about each other. So let’s mix it up!!

The following is the number of members for each category planned for each planned mixer.

There will be a Mixer Signup sheet located by the bulletin board (in the pricing station area where the Shift signup sheets are located). If you have any questions, please contact Diane Arrants.

Diane Arrants