Posted by Stephanie Novotny on Jul 13, 2019

Membership News


Hi Members,

I hope you are having a fabulous summer!

By now you should have received an invoice for our annual membership renewals of $35.00 and are due by the end of October. If you joined April 1st or after you are exempt from an additional membership fee this year.

You can mail the dues to our P.O. Box or drop it off at Bizarre Bazaar. Place the check or cash in my folder at the checkout counter (if cash, please put in an envelope with your name on the outside). You will receive an account balance by email each month until renewal is received; you should not receive a statement if you don’t have a balance. You can check your account statements on Clubrunner (requires a website login, or via the Clubrunner app on your mobile device), or use this link: Billing Account Balance

Please contact me for any questions or concerns.

Thank You!
Stephanie Novotny
CAL Membership Chair

(806) 773-3443