Posted by Stephanie Novotny on Mar 21, 2020

Membership News


Hi Members,

Hoping that everyone is healthy and well! What scary times! The Nominating committee met earlier this month and have prepared the slate of officers for the election in May. Our nominees are Toni Sommer for President, Beth Drain for Vice President, Joyce Price for Secretary and Linda Gibbs for Treasurer. We will vote on these at the May meeting, if it is possible to have. If we do not have the May meeting or you are unable to attend, I will be sending the ballot out by email with instructions on how to vote.

I will be sending out our monthly email with our current directories as usual on April 1st. This will be a good way to keep in communication with your friends in CAL and help everyone through this anxious time. Stay Well and Strong!

Thank You!
Stephanie Novotny
CAL Membership Chair