Posted by Lori Conner on Jan 21, 2023


Hi Members,
With the coming of our new year, membership will be looking at a few changes:
  • Account statements for dues will be sent via email July 1 and August 1 only.
  • Dues need to be paid by September general meeting.
  • We will no longer be extending due date through October.
  • A friendly reminder will be sent via regular mail September 1.
  • Paper directories will be printed and available in January.
  • No more mass emails reminding you to pay dues or our directory updates. I am hoping that less emails will be more effective!
Welcome to our new members! Members can access their information through our website or the Clubrunner app, which lists members and links to the website (for both iPhone and Android). Call me and I will be happy to help you.
Lori Conner
Membership Chair