Posted by Sherry Ennis on Sep 08, 2018


Dear Members,

I know autumn is approaching when the dream comes. There are three versions: one has me showing up to work with no syllabus, books or schedule; the second has me searching the campus, unable to find the classroom; the third has me ready for anything except that I’ve forgotten my skirt and I’m only wearing those panties that say “Wednesday”. One of these dreams has played in my nighttime brain since high school, on through my teaching career and persists, albeit sporadically, into the present. In reality, the three scenarios can play for almost any situation in which one has to be present and be prepared. You know, like the new CAL President’s first meeting. So, you might be ready for those “Wednesday” panties on September 19, our first CAL meeting after our summer off!

The new CAL Board met this week, and I was delighted by the enthusiasm and insight brought to the table by the group. I look forward  to working with them and introducing them to you at the General Meeting.

I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful, fun-filled summer. There is nowhere like North Idaho in that short but lovely season. I am pleased to say that Bizarre Bazaar had a wonderful and fun-filled summer for our coffers were overflowing, and it’s always fun to work at BB. July and August were banner earning months, and it seemed that the donations never ended. I would like to thank our store volunteers for taking time from their summer activities to keep the store running, and give kudos to the Save Your Treasures team: Rose Chaney, Judy Dabrowski Dixie Stansell, Judy & Arthur Bourassa and Jamie Erdt. These are the people who spend days sifting through other people’s treasures (or not so treasures) to choose what we can sell at BB. It’s hard, behind-the-scenes work but so very worth it.

Another Thanks goes to Carol Gollin, who has been our faithful “Laundry Lady” for many years. She is soon moving to Las Vegas, where she has always dreamed of having her own chorus line called what else - "Laundry Ladies". That’s not what she really said about her chorus line, but I thought I should clean it up a little. We shall miss Carol! We won’t be completely without launderers, as we also have a crew from Panhandle Special Needs that comes in to launder our soiled items. Please thank them if you see them in the store.


A huge kudos goes to the members that put together the Online Sign-up Training, which has been enthusiastically received by the Team Leaders. Please give a round of applause for Robbie Gleason, Karen Hanna, Marnie Easly, Diane Arrants and Cherie Warber. They have done a wonderful job. I am very excited about the online sign-up. I think it makes good sense, but I realize that some of you just aren’t enthralled with the whole computer thing. Well, it is not “off with your heads!”. There is still a paper and pencil signup, and we’re grateful to have you use it. But really, it's easy!! If I can do it, well, you know the rest...

As I sit on my patio on this lovely September evening, I also thank CAL and the wonderful members who welcomed me into the fold 13 years ago. I knew from the first meeting I attended that CAL was a group that got things done, and I haven’t been proven wrong. I am honored to be the President and hope to serve you well.

P.S. Don’t forget the panties!

Sherry Ennis