Posted by Sherry Ennis on Oct 06, 2018



Dear Members,

BAM, it’s October! I read articles about how our perception of time changes as we age, and I never understand a word; I just know that time just keeps speeding up as I age. That being said, it’s time to enjoy the season and for me give you a brief report on our last CAL Board meeting.

The Board has noticed that there are many new faces among our membership, not just those who have joined within the last year but those who have joined in the last several years. Apart from Robbie, who knows everyone, we want to get to know you, so we are going to make an effort to do so, and we hope you will do the same. If you see someone with a badge that has a white ribbon (a Board member), please come up and introduce yourself. If you have questions about CAL or want to join a committee, let us know. We want you to feel at home in the CAL community of women (and Robert).

I am happy to announce that Stephanie Novotny will be stepping into the Membership Chair position. I am thrilled that she has agreed to take on this job, and with the help of Audrey O’Bannon, we will have a great team moving forward. I want to thank Robbie Gleason for her MANY years on the CAL Board. She has done a wonderful job in all of her positions, and as I said before, she knows everyone; that is a real perk of the Membership job. Enjoy your Board-free time, Robbie.

One last item is that BB Team Leaders have noticed that members are often not signing up for shifts but, instead dropping in to work. While we appreciate each and every one of you who comes in and works, it is disconcerting for Team Leaders to have no one signed up for shifts. So, PLEASE, if you plan to work, sign up! It doesn’t matter how you do it, (but preferably) online (here), on the calendar at BB or calling the team lead for help. Please try to refrain from calling BB as much as possible, as the call will tie up the phone used for credit transactions. It is reassuring to the Team Leaders to know that someone will be there.


Now, get out there and rake a few needles and leaves, and enjoy the crispness of fall!


I would also encourage you to sign-up for a tour of the museum to view the new special exhibit, Wunderkammerthis coming Wednesday. If you attended Heather Upton’s last exhibit tour, you know you will be in for a treat.

Sherry Ennis