Posted by Sherry Ennis on May 04, 2019


Dear Members,

To start, a loud and rousing cheer for Julia Kern and her social team for a great spring luncheon! They went the whole 10 furlongs with that Derby party! I’m not sure how Ponderay Pete and Sandpoint Slew will do in today’s Kentucky Derby, but there is one thing for sure, those women at Churchill Downs won’t have anything on those CAL hats.    

>>>> Click the link to view the luncheon photos <<<<<

We have found a new home for our monthly meetings at the First Lutheran Church at 526 South Olive Avenue. Our first meeting there will be in October. The September meeting will be at the Panida.

The Board has been actively pursuing a new location for our Bizarre Bazaar. You will be receiving a separate email regarding this subject. Please take the time to read it carefully and submit your comments. Each of you is a part of the CAL enterprise, and we value your comments.

On the non-CAL front, nature has been asserting itself in recent weeks. The grass is growing at a frantic pace, my forsythia and few tulips are blooming, and the world is turning green.The other morning I woke up to find a HERD (seven, which is a herd to me) of deer in the back yard. I tiptoed to the back door with my deerhound at my side, urging him to rush out and go “WOOF! WOOF!” He took one look at that mob, turned and ran back into the house. Several years ago, he was snuffling around at the edge of the yard and came across a doe that had just dropped a fawn. She chased him all the way to the front porch, scaring the stuffing out of him. He is no longer much of a deer deterrent. Two of my three hummingbird species are back: the tiny Calliope and the nasty, but beautiful Rufous. He’d chase an Eagle off if it entered his territory. My cousin calls the Rufous the “Pitbull” of the avian world. I wish I’d coined that.

I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine and what looks to be a beautiful week ahead.

Sherry Ennis