Posted by Sherry Ennis on Sep 28, 2019

Dear Members,

Thank you to all those who were a part of Community Assistance League’s (CAL) 40th Anniversary celebration! A special thanks goes to Toni Sommer, who took on the task of giving us direction and keeping us on task in creating the presentation. I hope that those of you at the Panida came away with the same feeling of “Wow, CAL is a force to be reckoned with!”. The CAL women have great energy and dedication to making things better in Bonner County and our communities.

For those of us who have joined CAL since 2006, CAL has had a different focus than it had in the first twenty years. The mission statement is the same, “to support our Community through education, service and philanthropy”, but the means of getting there have changed. Now, instead of being directly involved in community projects, we help fund those projects through our grants, which are, in turn, funded by Bizarre Bazaar. CAL has grown to 260 as opposed to sixteen, or forty or even eighty. In that process, we have lost some the group camaraderie of the old days and, for some, maybe even the reason for being a CAL member. Of our 260 members, about 90 women, and Robert, volunteer at Bizarre Bazaar. There are others who do essential work by serving on committees and on the Board, but there are many whom we have failed to engage in our important mission. If you are one of those members who has just not found your place in CAL, please come in to Bizarre Bazaar to see how you can help in the store; sign up for a committee when committee chairs ask for volunteers; volunteer for a project that you feel is worthy; join one of CAL’s Special Interest Groups. There are myriad ways that you can be an active member. In the immortal words of Tracy Gibson, former President, “CAL does not stand for Coffee And Lunch”

September, October & November calendars are available for online signup.
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p.s. Here's the link to some pictures in the presentation:  CAL's 40th Anniversary Celebration.

See you at the October 16 General Meeting at the First Lutheran Church, 526 S. Olive Ave, Sandpoint. In the meantime, enjoy the Fall days!

Sherry Ennis