Posted by Sherry Ennis on Nov 23, 2019


Dear Members,

I’ve been hearing grumblings about “Christmas Creep” lately. I’m not sure if the “Creep” refers to the fact that we’re getting Christmas cheer earlier and earlier or that Christmas is creeping up on all of us, which it surely is.

However, I want to address the former definition and to do so, I’ve done a little research. It seems that the term “Christmas Creep” first appeared in the mid-1980s, so the Creep has been around for quite some time. Sam’s Club seems to get the blame for being the first to begin the Creep in order to benefit its resellers. In 2000, Lowe’s followed suit, claiming that Autumn merchandise wasn’t too exciting so why not plunge directly into the yuletide festivities. They may have had a point, the allure of snow shovels and snow blowers notwithstanding, a pre-lit Christmas tree is a whole lot more fun and way prettier. By 2010, all the big stores had joined the fray, and we’ve been fa-la-la-ing earlier and earlier. In a 2006 study, shoppers claimed that they started the gift buying in October, so that bolstered the argument in favor of the Creep, although retailers are not sure if all those jolly Christmas items have really increased sales. I don’t know about you, but I’m perfectly capable of buying a gift in October and November without being greeted by Santa and his elves and bombarded with “It’s a Jolly Holly Christmas” before I’ve had the chance to say “BOO” to the neighborhood kids. There are a few holdouts to the Creep that refuse to bludgeon us with reminders of the upcoming holiday until after Thanksgiving: among them are Nordstrom’s and small businesses, many of which wait until Small Business Saturday, which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. For my small part in battling the Creep, I refuse to play Christmas music at Bizarre Bazaar when I’m team leader until after Thanksgiving.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, which really is right around the corner, I’ve been cataloging all that I have to be thankful for: a cozy home, Sandpoint, wonderful friends, and, of course, family. Thanksgiving is the time that my mother’s family has always gathered, and we will be doing so at Mom’s house on Thursday. The guest list seems to be growing by the day (27 at last count). Though I’m sanguine about it all right now, by Thursday I should be in quite a state but thankful to have such a crew. We all have reasons to be thankful, be they large or small, and I wish you all, whom I am thankful for, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Upcoming December Events

Kinderhaven Luncheon
Date:    December 6, 2019
Time:    11:00 a.m.
Place: Bonner County Fairgrounds
Buy tickets at Tickets are $50.00. Sign up to sit at a CAL table. The list will be at Bizarre Bazaar until December 3.

Senior Gifts
This year we will gift cozy throws to the Bonner County residents receiving Meals On Wheels from the Sandpoint Senior Center. We need 75, non-gender specific throws. Please sign up for several at Bizarre Bazaar. Please deliver them wrapped or in a holiday bag to the very back room at Bizarre Bazaar by December 9.

Thank you for your generosity! (even with the Creep) 😄😄

Sherry Ennis