Posted by Sherry Ennis on Mar 21, 2020


Dear Members,

You have heard from me several times this week, and I am now short of words. As you know, our store, Bizarre Bazaar, is closed, really closed, until further notice. Individual members have volunteered to go by daily to see if any donations have been left and to put them inside. Items will be sorted when we open again. If you are a department head and think this is a good time to catch up on things at the store, please don’t. All work that needs to be done, can be done when we re-open. We will not have a meeting in April and the Spring Luncheon has been cancelled until further notice. We just may have an early summer luncheon instead! I will keep you informed as to any changes in the CAL calendar.

Face Masks Needed

Our regional hospitals are running low on face masks, and local groups are jumping in to make reusable, cloth masks.

I have included two websites that you can visit to obtain patterns for these masks:

There are many other youtube online sources for making masks. If you do choose to make masks, you may deliver them to the home of Dorothy Arthurs, CAL member, at 1505 River Rock Road. in Sandpoint.Turn right at the Lakeview Cemetery sign from South Division. She will have a box on her porch. Happy sewing!

Our lives, like the store, seem to have been put on hiatus. In this extraordinary time, we are all being forced to slow down, turn inward, and perhaps take stock of our lives, our families, our priorities. We will probably emerge with our homes sparkling, cupboards purged, drawers organized, long overlooked projects completed, cooking skills honed and ever so much smarter after reading those books we have set aside for years. If you run out of all of the above or just plain don’t want to do them, our hospitals could use your help in making masks. See below. While we are all cocooning, don’t forget to get outdoors and enjoy our bit of paradise as spring creeps in. And, finally, let us not forget our friends, who may also be feeling isolated - send a note, write an email or, best of all, call. Stay healthy!

Sherry Ennis