Happy Valentine's Day



Happy Snowy Day Dear CAL Members,

That chubby rodent, Punxsutawney Phil, certainly predicted our winter season - six more weeks of winter.
Stay home, drink cocoa, and read a good book. I'm just starting a new book, The Accidental Empress by Allison Pataki. The year is 1853 and the Habsburg Empire covers much of Europe and Emperor Franz Joseph takes a wife. I love historical fiction novels.

Our new storage lease has been signed and is in the mail. BB will benefit greatly with the addition of this new area. Our growing donations will now have a home. The cost of this new area is $300.00 per month. This lease will be renegotiated in November, 2019, along with the lease for the entire store.

Thank you for accepting the updated CAL by-laws; the document will available on our website soon.

REMINDER: Our February 15th General Meeting will be held downstairs in the Columbia Bank. Our meeting will resume in the Community Room in March.

This month's recipe is from my husband Tom. It originated with a group of air force buddies who were hunkered down in a small house in Puerto Rico during hurricane Camille in 1971.
WARNING.........Very Hot.........WARNING   

                   Tom's Toxic Dogs

1 package hotdogs
1 can of cheap beer
1 small bottle of Tabasco sauce (Or 1/2 bottle, if the full bottle is too hot)

Cut the hotdogs into bite size pieces. Put in a fry pan with beer and Tabasco. Simmer uncovered until the sauce is a glaze. Offer toothpicks for tasting. Serve!!

Have a great Super Bowl weekend,
Linda Zinn