Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I'm a little Leprechaun
dressed in green
The tiniest man
that you ever will see
If you ever catch me
so it's said,
I'll give you my biggest pot of gold.

Sung to the Tune 
"I'm A Little Teapot"

With the Appropriate Brogue



Good Day Dear CAL Members,

  March is the month when we must be very careful not to offend our Leprechaun friends.
They are tricksters. Playing jokes on us is one of their favorite pass times. 
Wearing green pleases them. 
With that being said, try to wear green to our general meeting on March 15th.

We will be upstairs in the Community Room at Columbia Bank. The meeting starts at 9:30 a.m.


I am looking forward to this month's program. Lilly Mitsui and her service dog in training, Falcon, will be our guests. The board will conduct the business portion of the morning in a timely fashion. I want to allow plenty of time for Lilly and the questions you may have.

Looking for a wonderful event this month? May I suggest a short drive to beautiful Schweitzer Ski Resort on March 25th - a time honored traditional event, 24 Hours Of Schweitzer, will be in full swing. This year's theme is Hunting For A Cure. Individual skiers and teams will be skiing for 24 hours to earn money for Cystinosis research. Mary and Dave Sturgis started this event years ago to bring awareness to the disease in honor of their grandson, Henry Sturgis. Mary Sturgis is a long time CAL member. More information can be found at this website: http://www.24hoursforhank.org.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Linda Zinn