Happy Spring!



Dear CAL members,

Just when we think our spring weather has arrived, mother nature surprises us with a brief but powerful wind and thunderstorm. WOW! I was hoping our power would stay on long enough to enjoy our Cinco De Mayo dinner. I served pulled pork tacos, black beans, chips & salsa, plus the indispensable margaritas. Don't we love holidays that gives us a chance to eat good food with family and friends?

With all this cold weather it was wonderful to spend a day in Hawaii. Our CAL luncheon was fabulous - delicious food, raffles, friends and lots of laughter, plus the wonderful Hawaiian costumes. Perfect. 

And then there was the hula hoop contest. No one knew we were competing with a champion hula hoop gal. Yep, Sherry Ennis kept that a secret. Ask her about it sometime.

Thank you to Tina Reynolds and her committee for all the work and time you gave to us. We had so much fun. The Lion's Clubs will be so appreciative for your donations.

p.s. The pictures of the day are now available on the website at this link:


Recently, I had the privilege to spend the day with Bobbie Franklin and her grants committee. I watched these ladies make funding decisions for over 49 grant applicants. The process was amazing. CAL members work so hard to give and support our community. It's through grants that we touch our children, our seniors, and many projects that make Bonner County the special place we have chosen to live. Great job, Bobbie and team. Don’t miss our next meeting - we will be formally giving the grants to many deserving organizations.

Thank you to all CAL members for making The Community Assistance League a source of pride to our county. When I count my blessings, I always count you twice.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Linda Zinn