Posted by Linda Zinn on Jun 24, 2017

Dear CAL members,

I'm writing to you from Sunny California in Monterey. 😎 The weather is gorgeous and it’s so nice to hear the ocean at night. The whales are feeding - I want to see one breach but so far no luck. I drive inland to Fresno tomorrow where It will be 112 degrees. 😳 One of my sweet friends lost all her pet chickens to the heat.

Thank you Sherry Ennis for conducting our June general meeting. She said we had a wonderful group of young people in attendance. What a great job Betsy Walker and her scholarship committee did - reading the scholarship requests and selecting the best! Our Grant and Scholarship presentations are always a joy to attend. Giving to our beloved Bonner County is why we work so hard all year. Keep up the wonderful volunteering dear members.

Robbie Gleason will start accepting membership renewals in July. Our renewal membership dues will be $35.00 - a little cost of doing business raise. New membership dues will remain at $40.00.

I want to thank Diane Arrants and Cherie Warber for their guidance as store managers at BB. Their leadership skills in retail and their guidance in training our store members is invaluable. It is wonderful to have their expertise as our store continues to grow. Thanks ladies.

Enjoy your summer everyone,

Linda Zinn