Dear Members,
I will start with bad news - we will not be able to meet at the First Lutheran Church until at least next year.

Now the good news - the board has creatively thought of a way to have a meeting on Wednesday, October 14th at 11:30 a.m. at Memorial Field, for those who are comfortable attending. By meeting at Memorial Field, we will be able to comfortably social distance, be outside, and have some goofy fun.

The reason we are meeting on October 14 rather than on October 21, is that at this time rain is predicted on the 21st. For more information, please read Linda Zinn’s Social Committee article in this bulletin. Be sure to RSVP to Linda so we can make sure we have enough Hallo-Hotdogs and Booooburgers for everyone.

Next, I would like to share an opportunity. I am looking for someone to chair the Scholarship Committee and represent the Committee on the Board. If you have questions and/or would like to volunteer to lead the important tasks of recruiting scholarship applications, facilitate the selection of scholarship recipients, and monitor awarded scholarships, please contact me at either 208-610-9229 or
Finally, I want to share my appreciation for those who have been working in Bizarre Bazaar the past few months. Sales, donations and customers have been plentiful. I am amazed that we have been able to maintain our level of sales while being open two hours a day (12 hours a week) less than before COVID. Thank you to our Store Managers, those who sort, iron and price, those that handle the pass-ons, those that keep up the accounting, and those who work the front lines. Not only is CAL’s mission being accomplished, but I love the opportunity to socialize.
Look forward to seeing as many of you that are comfortable to come to the “CAL October meeting, BBQ, Fall/Halloween Party” on October 14th.
Toni Sommer, President