Posted by Beth Drain-TL on Nov 19, 2022


Dear Members,
It’s the beginning of Thanksgiving week and Christmas decorations have been out since Halloween. Time seems to be flying by at breakneck speed, leaving little time to contemplate all that we have to be thankful for. I spent some time this morning going through old photos looking for one of my favorites which I’ve attached to this piece. It reminds me of how important family and family traditions are. Even though the traditions are passing to the younger members of my family, I’m not sad because the important thing is that I was able to pass them on to my children and grandchildren. My littles today always ask, “Gram, are you making the stuffing and the pie? Can we help?” They love to help set the table in grand style and always want to sit at the grown-up table. It’s a little close, but we manage.
I’m also grateful for the years I’ve been in Sandpoint and all the wonderful friends I’ve made through being a member of CAL.  Whenever we are together, whether at Bizarre Bazaar, social gatherings, or our regular meetings, it makes me happy. The camaraderie, the warm greetings and hugs, the opportunity to share a cup of coffee and catch up on everyone’s lives makes we feel good inside. CAL has become part of my family, and I look forward each year to the traditions that CAL set all those years ago.
Thanks to everyone who helped decorate BB for the holidays. It always amazes me that we turn chaos into a thing of beauty.  Not only were we decorating, but sharing tasty tidbits brought by the volunteers. Then came the After Hours Party with more delightful goodies, music provided by Dave and Marilyn Haddad, an opportunity to shop, and most of all spend time with friends.
Now we move to the general meeting on the 16th. We had a little glitch that day. The manager of the Heartwood Center had our start time on his calendar incorrectly recorded. Consequently, we were standing in the frigid temps trying to figure out a Plan B which didn’t exist. Just as I was about to have to cancel the meeting, we reached Robb who was on his way. The meeting is on! More great snacks, a little wait while our 100-cup coffeemaker brewed the coffee. Everyone stepped in to help set up the room, and we were able to start our meeting only a little late. Not only that, we finished right on time and completed all of our business. There’s nothing a great group of volunteers can’t do when they put their heads together to make something happen.
Our speaker at the November General Meeting was Dr. Robert Pierce who gave a presentation about the planned ice skating rink in Ponderay. The project is partnering with the City of Ponderay and it’s “Field of Dreams". It will be done in phases, with the first phase to be an outside rink. They currently need a Zamboni to fully open for business next year. You can read more about the project and it’s phases at This will be a boon for our County youth and community.
Needless to say, I’m grateful this season. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Count your blessings.