Posted by Beth Drain-TL on Jan 21, 2023


Dear Members,
The general member meeting on Wednesday was a great success. Our own Lilly Mitsui was our speaker and gave a wonderful PowerPoint presentation about the Canine Companion program. Lilly has been a puppy trainer for many years. She has an immense passion for the program and shared her in-depth knowledge and videos of interviews with a college student puppy trainer and then the young woman who received a companion. Her animal made it possible for her to go to college with confidence with the help of her companion to help her navigate her way on campus. Lilly also brought two local families who are now puppy trainers and their puppies to share with us. The North Idaho Chapter is well represented with Lilly and we are very lucky to have her in our town. Thanks, Lilly.
We had a condensed business meeting, but were able to update everyone on the projects the Board is working on, including researching the advisability of opening interest-bearing accounts to house the abundant amount of cash we now have due to the extraordinary success of Bizarre Bazaar. We are also continuing to review and update our governing policies.
We are still mindful of the shortcomings in our communications arena and will be conducting an internal audit and making recommendations for how to reach all members while still maintaining our Website as our main communication vehicle. Please feel free to share any ideas or suggestions you have for making it better. Keeping in mind that not all members are technology savvy, we are compiling a “snail mail” list for those who request it. Please let us know by contacting Lori Conner or myself.
Lori Conner, chair of the Membership Committee, suggested that we expand our membership to include our husbands, sons, or significant others at a fee of $10 annually. They will receive a badge they can proudly wear to signify their membership. It also identifies them as part of our volunteer team when they are on the premises. I think it’s a nice gesture to acknowledge them for all the ways they help CAL.
Jan Harrison, Grant chair, and Heather Hellier, our scholarship  chair, have been working to get their committees together for the upcoming Celebration of Giving. Linda Zinn is working on our spring fling and will keep you posted as her plan formalizes.
Our Community Café will resume in February. I’m looking for topics to discuss in an open forum. If you have something you’d like to talk about, please let me know in early February so that it gets on the agenda.
Remember, our attendance goal at the General meetings is at least 60. Thus far, we haven’t broken the barrier. Our numbers are hanging around 36 to 40. Please consider joining us February 15th at the Heartwood Center. We’d be happy to be your valentine. Our speaker will be Mr. Bessler from the Panida Theater.
We appreciate all our volunteers. Meet one of them, Kevin Wilson, a new volunteer and handyman to have around!