Posted by Carol Visger on Mar 21, 2020


Dear CAL members,

There was lots of news in the Sandpoint Reader and the Bonner County Daily Bee about the scholarship and grant applications process, and the Bee ran both articles twice. We were also mentioned in the article that highlighted Joanie McClure who is given donations from various organizations as well as Bizarre Bazaar, story here.

We will be running new ads in the summer edition of the Sandpoint Magazine, as well as in the fair bulletin. So please stay tuned for both.

I have been an avid fan of the Gonzaga men's basketball team. Of basketball in general really as I followed my daughter through college and Europe. So, to say I miss March Madness is a given.

Now we have a different kind of "March Madness" that was not expected or by any means welcomed, but never the less it is here. The culprit, the Covid-19 virus has the ball in its court. To fight and win this formidable opponent we need to stay well, stay positive and wash our hands. After all we are CAL strong!

Enjoy the outside when we are blessed with sun! 🌞😊

Carol Visger